Tips and Tricks Every Bike Courier Needs to Prepare for the Holiday Rush

Tips and Tricks Every Bike Courier Needs to Prepare for the Holiday Rush

Carl Addoumieh

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and end-of-year holidays are around the corner. As a bike courier, delivering for retail businesses with companies such as Packaly could be the best way for you to grow your earnings before the holiday season. 

So, what are some tips and tricks you can use as a bike courier to make sure you make the most of the holiday retail rush?

Make sure you have the right bike courier equipment

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment for a bike courier. There are many things a bike courier needs, and you will find your own way around them as you ride more often.

Bike courier safety equipment

It goes without saying that your safety while delivering should be your priority. So before getting on your bike, here are some equipment you need to make sure you have for a safer and easier time:

  • A bike light is essential to see the road and for other vehicles to see you and is also required by Dutch law

  • Helmet in case you get into an unfortunate accident

  • Reflecting clothes to make sure that fast vehicles can see you in the dark

Another trick you can do for your safety is a simple ABC bike test:

Air pressure: pinch your wheels to make sure the air pressure is right, and they are not deflated.

Brakes: Squeeze your front and back brakes to make sure they’re holding your wheels.

Chains: Speen your pedals to make sure your bike chain is working properly.

Now that safety is out of the way let’s look at other equipment you might need as a bike courier during the holiday season.

Bike courier delivery equipment

After making sure you’re set on safety, you need to make sure you got the right equipment to deliver. Make sure:

  • You have your delivery bag or a cargo bike. You can always get the Packaly x Cargoroo cargo e-bikes. Learn more.

  • Your phone is charged

  • Your phone holder is set

  • You got enough data on your phone

After looking at the equipment for the physical delivery, let’s look at how you can make your experience better in the Dutch wet weather.

Right Bicycle for deliveries

There are different types of bikes that you can use to deliver. If you want to make more deliveries, an e-bike is always the best option. However, when working with Packaly and delivering for retail, you might even go a step further. Cargoroo x Packaly cargo e-bikes are parked and deliver more packages on the same route, earning more money in less time. 

Read more on how to use Cargoroo x Packaly Cargo e-bikes to earn more.

Park your bike in the right place and lock it

You can expect crowded stores with many people rushing to get last-minute holiday gifts. So it might take you longer to find the store clerks in a crowded store or some other obstacles. We advise you always to park your bike in the designated areas and lock it. But during the holiday season, you might spend more time away from your bike, so make sure to lock it every time you make a pick-up or delivery.

Expect more orders than usual

It is the season! Everyone is celebrating and wants to share gifts with their loved ones, and so do you. You can grow your earnings and put a smile on people’s faces by delivering with Packaly. 

During the holiday season, with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Sinterklaas, Christmas, and Halloween, order numbers skyrocket. When delivering for the world’s biggest retailers with Packaly, there will be a large number of orders for you to deliver and earn per delivery. We also offer multiple drops on the same route, allowing you to make more deliveries and earn more money in less time.

Make sure your essential bike courier apps are up-to-date

Before you start delivering, make sure that your bike courier apps are up-to-date. Start by making sure your Packaly Rider App is updated. You can check other apps afterward, such as a backup navigation app or other apps you use on the road.

Here is how to update the Packaly Rider App.