Become a Packaly Rider

Become a Packaly Rider

Start riding for Packaly and deliver parcels across your favorite city. We work for the largest retailers in town and help you earn per parcel.

Grow your earnings

Earn up to €30,00 per delivery when riding with Packaly and ride whenever you want.

Work on your own time

As a bike courier, you can deliver when its suit you best.

Bike courier in Packaly gear

We supply you with the best gear in town to make the best out of your deliveries.

Be part of our net-zero plan

Help retailers be more sustainable by delivering emission free on your bike or e-vehicle.

Join the team

We are delivering with more than 15.000+ couriers around the country. Sign up for the squad.

We got you covered

Together with our insurance partners we got you fully covered during and past your rides.

Why become a rider?

Why become a rider?

Get paid per parcel

Earn up to €30 per parcel

Work as a freelancer

Start riding today

Frequently asked questions

How often do I get paid?

How does my shipment get calculated?

What type of agreement do you offer?

I am on the waiting list?

Are there any costs associated with registering as a bike courier?

Whats it like being a bike courier?