The Future of Last-Mile: 7 Key Trends Redefining Delivery in 2024

The Future of Last-Mile: 7 Key Trends Redefining Delivery in 2024

Yoni Brandsen

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

The last-mile delivery landscape is undergoing a transformation, with sustainability at its core. In this dynamic environment with all its complexities, Packaly stands as a pioneer, committed to revolutionising last-mile logistics through eco-friendly, bicycle delivery solutions. As we stay close to our mission and grow as a company we now see tendencies in the market.

Challenges to overcome in last-mile logistics

Navigating the complexities of last-mile delivery has become more critical than ever, accounting for 41% of the total delivery cost globally. The challenges include:

  • Sustainability concerns driving the need for eco-friendly practices

  • Complexity in managing various delivery routes, deadlines, and territories

  • Multiple delivery attempts, especially for packages requiring signatures

  • Risks of errors leading to damaged, mis-delivered, or lost packages

  • Reverse logistics doubling delivery and order fulfilment costs

Over the past years retailers and pure players alike were searching for the fastest possible delivery solutions. The result was a wave of on demand delivery, mainly driven by customer expectations due to measurements of the pandemic. Today’s expectations are different, there’s less of a hurry and it’s all about choice and meeting the expectations. A recent survey states 37% of consumers say 3-5 days is an acceptable time frame.

  1. Faster Fulfilment and Delivery Options

Swift delivery expectations continue to shape last-mile logistics. To improve on-time delivery timeframes and reduce transportations costs we expect to see ecommerce moving towards fulfilment closer to the consumers. Whether it’s utilising ship-from-store or moving stock to automated fulfilment centres near big cities, it can help to lower last-mile delivery costs.

  1. Expanding Eco-Friendly Delivery Options

The global shift towards environmental consciousness emphasises the need for eco-friendly choices. Scaling sustainable delivery operations involves overcoming logistical challenges and implementing innovative solutions. From electric delivery vehicles to eco-friendly packaging and route optimisations. It’ll be one of the major focus points for the coming 12 months.

  1. Hyper-Personalisation of Delivery Services

Customised delivery experiences are now an expectation. Packaly excels in providing tailored services sustainably. The challenge lies in harmonising personalisation with operational efficiency to ensure seamless and personalised delivery experiences.

  1. Collaboration and Partnership

Collaborative efforts continue to shape sustainable last-mile delivery. Packaly's emphasis on partnerships creates a delivery ecosystem benefiting businesses, customers, and the environment. Collective endeavours redefine the last-mile logistics landscape.

  1. Shopping Cart and Check-out Optimisation

Efficient check-out processes play a pivotal role in enhancing delivery experiences. Strategies to optimise shopping carts for higher conversions and seamless delivery integrations are vital. Packaly's solutions focus on optimising the entire delivery journey, starting from the purchase phase.

  1. Working Towards Profitability

Understanding the true cost of delivery and returns emerges as a pivotal trend in 2024. Packaly's sustainable last-mile solutions not only address environmental concerns but also contribute to improving the bottom line. Achieving profitability requires a holistic approach to last-mile logistics. One big benefit of emission free delivery is the absence of unexpected Diesel Taxes.

  1. Meeting Evolving Customer Expectations

Evolving customer expectations redefine delivery speed preferences. While patience has increased post-pandemic, flexibility remains crucial. Packaly's commitment to offering a variety of shipping choices aligns with the trend. Real-time supply chain visibility, strategic optimization of last-mile logistics, and preparing for autonomous delivery are key considerations for businesses in 2024.


As we delve into the intricate world of last-mile logistics, Packaly remains at the forefront, reshaping the industry through sustainable, emission-free delivery experiences. The trends highlighted signify not only the evolution of delivery services but also the commitment to environmental responsibility. Reach out to Packaly today to explore innovative last-mile solutions that redefine the delivery experience.