Our Longterm Commitment to Sustainable Delivery

Our Longterm Commitment to Sustainable Delivery

Axel Dekker

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Sustainability has always been one of the main pillars driving Packaly’s vision. We believe that logistics, the world, and especially our mindset should be changed to a sustainable first vision. Packaly has had great opportunities to work with the best brands in class to achieve a sustainable and more durable future.

During the last two years, we have seen a strong transition in retailers wanting to change their vision to delivering sustainability, changing the way they work, and connecting to a new way of thinking about their supply chain. We have seen an environment where we had to shift gears towards a whole different mindset within weeks by closing up brick-and-mortar stores and having to rethink our strategy from growth to survival for lots of us.

We are proud that Packaly has played a significant role in the survival of retail during the pandemic. Our Ship-from-Store approach has changed the way we think, look and expect parcel delivery to be executed, and we have helped turn brands like de Bijenkorf, Blokker, LUSH, and many more into Ship-from-Store enabled companies.

However, we are not stopping here. We believe that we are just getting started and are just exploring the options and directions that we have and could create together with massive brands around The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and the rest of Europe. Our ambitions are big, our focus is strong, and we are committed to helping all our retail partners, delivery partners, riders, and end customers to show how powerful teamwork, transparency, and dedication can work. We believe that together we can make parcel delivery more sustainable; we can utilize not only stores but existing networks to change and lower Scope 3 emissions for our retail partners to reach their sustainability commitments faster.

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished in a short period of time. Our company, but especially the shift in mindset from all our partners around us and the massive support and dedication from our retail partners on changing their day-to-day logistics into different ways of working. It’s fascinating to see what the power of technology can accomplish in a short period of time.

Therefore, we are committing even further to a net-zero world. Our same-day delivery promise, express delivery promise, and ship-from-store promise already contribute to 100% sustainable delivery, and we believe that any retailer reading this, watching this, and thinking about this transition should get the help, expertise, and dedication it needs to make the transition for a better planet.

Our continued success will come from the best execution and focus on what matters. We have the ambition to help retailers commit to net-zero and help and support their execution.

In the coming months, we will announce several pledges that we are making. We believe that commitment comes with actual execution and signing up to the commitments created by organizations around us.