How to Get the Most Out of Inner-City B2B Delivery

How to Get the Most Out of Inner-City B2B Delivery

Andrea Krijgsman

Friday, March 19, 2021

Delivery service is what makes an amazing shopping experience for many people. When those people think of a delivery service, they reflect on the delivery time, cost, and how sustainable it will be. In Europe, B2B deliveries had an estimated revenue of EUR33.76 billion in 2020, while B2C deliveries are estimated to account for a revenue of 25.46 billion.

Deliveries are essential to our lives. We’re always looking for the quickest and easiest way to receive our parcels, and when we do, we reflect on the experience.

The sooner the parcel arrives, the better the experience.A B2B delivery service happens when a company delivers goods to another business. There are risks when dealing with B2B delivery services, such as long waiting times, the uncertainty of delivery arrival, and shipment tracking. These concerns are elevated for businesses and can cause a lot of stress for those who depend on important items to be delivered precisely when they need them.

We know that if a grocery store doesn’t receive its produce on a daily basis, they would not be able to run their store as efficiently and effectively and would upset a lot of their stakeholders. An unsuccessful B2B delivery will hurt each business on both ends. The primary goal of a B2B delivery service should be to guarantee delivery exactly when and where it’s needed.

The difference between B2C and B2B delivery

One of the complications that differentiate B2C and B2B delivery services includes the need for a courier service that understands the business they’re delivering to or for. B2C deliveries are relatively uniform, and the process to get a parcel from its starting location to its end location is consistently familiar and standardized experiences. A B2B delivery needs to be more personalized for every business that needs a delivery service. 

A grocery store needs its food regularly delivered, but a law firm may just need signed documents to be delivered to a specific location at a specific time. The B2B on-demand delivery requires a lot of attention to individual businesses’ details. Flexibility with service is key. Providing shipping for users who need high communication and high amounts of attention requires a drive for high user satisfaction.

The challenges of B2B delivery​

A B2B parcel delivery service needs to actively be aware of the changing environment with both the companies they serve and the technological landscape. Businesses that need urgent deliveries will expect to be constantly aware of where their products are going and expect high-tech software that enhances their experience. 

Constant real-time updates from the delivery company give up-to-date insights on the location of your parcel, alleviating any concerns. Two major concerns that B2B shoppers have with suppliers are lack of quick delivery and lack of tracking. Without addressing these needs, a B2B delivery service is sure to disappoint its stakeholders.

"Packaly helps us to get the order to the customer at the right time. Without compromising on quality or staffing in the store. Packaly enables us to grow to more customers because we can easily scale up and down,"​

Tom de Groot, Pomms' Rotterdam

How does one of our customers use Packaly?​

In Rotterdam, one of our clients is Pomms’, a patat fabriek known for their delicious fries. They started by selling their fries exclusively at festivals, and soon the demand for their fries increased outside of the festival ground, and they opened up their stores in Rotterdam and Gouda in order to reach their customers all the time.

The next step of their expansion was offering their products to other businesses to appeal to a larger scale of customers. According to Pomms’, “Even if our fries are not sold under our name, they are still recognized by our customers who happen to eat at the restaurant in question”

Pomms’ started offering their fries to local stores around Rotterdam through Packaly’s shipping service, allowing them to reach any restaurant within a moment’s notice. This helped Pomms’ reach more potential customers because, if someone had never heard of them before, they now had the chance to try them at a restaurant they do visit, which promptly turns them into a lover of Pomms’ fries.

Pomms’ values everyone who’s interested in their fries, “We are most proud of all our customers. We will always do our best to serve the best fries for everyone at any time of the day. In doing so, we do not differentiate between customers, everyone is equally important to us and gets the same top quality”.

“With on-demand delivery, we can always deliver a rush order within an hour.”

Tom de Groot, Pomms' Rotterdam

Pomms’ is just one example of how to utilize our B2B delivery option to grow your customer reach. With an opportunity that scales with you, register your organization today.