How last-mile delivery can boost your customer experience

How last-mile delivery can boost your customer experience

Carl Addoumieh

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The customer experience is what draws people to your store. They want to be greeted with a smile and have a good interaction. However, this could be challenging for eCommerce businesses and deliveries. So, how can you make sure that your eCommerce customer experience is boosted offline? Reliable last-mile delivery.

The last-mile delivery refers to the journey of the goods sold and delivered, starting from the shop or warehouse, where the parcel is picked up, to the end-customer delivery address. So how can last-mile delivery boost your customer experience?

Sustainable last-mile

Sustainability is no longer a trend but a necessity that every customer looks for in a business. Urban and last-mile deliveries are expected to raise the CO2 emissions in cities by 32% if no steps are taken, and customers are aware of that. In fact, 43% of customers are more likely to buy from a business if they offer a sustainable shipping option, and 8 out of 10 consider sustainability as of high importance when researching a business.

On the other hand, it is not only the customers who are keeping a close eye on pollution coming from urban delivery but also governments. With more clean air zones popping up across cities, it has become somewhat challenging for companies to maintain their fleets and deliveries. So, what’s the solution?

At Packaly, we only allow CO2-neutral delivery methods, limiting our CO2 emissions and leaving a green impact everywhere we go.

Read our guide on how to find a sustainable last-mile partner.

Fast delivery

Customers need their orders, and they want it fast. Same-day last-mile delivery is growing by an average of 36% annually, and it is highly driven by big customer demand. 55% of customers say that express delivery would boost their loyalty, but less than 20% of businesses offer it. So, how can you overcome the challenge of fast delivery and boost your customer experience?

Through local warehouses, dark stores, and inner-city shipping. Some benefits of dark stores:

  • Leverage existing hubs and stores

  • Less traveling distance, faster delivery, lower delivery costs, fewer emissions

  • More efficient order picking, better overview, and better stock control thanks to flexible and compact warehousing

  • Being able to offer different last-mile delivery options

  • Better customer experience, more loyal customers

At Packaly, we help you ship from store with our express on-demand and same-day last-mile delivery services.

Convenient last-mile delivery times

Customers don’t only want fast delivery, but they also want convenient delivery. 73% of customers prefer having their order in a convenient time slot rather than just fast delivery. However, only 19% of businesses offer their customers a chance to choose a convenient time slot, but rather are offered in a 5 hours period on average (if offered at all).

Alongside our express on-demand and same-day, next-day scheduled delivery, at Packaly, we offer a scheduled last-mile delivery in time slots that fit your customer needs.

Added features to the last-mile

Customers don’t only want their parcels delivered to their homes, but they also want to be informed along the process. Options such as track and trace, delivery at the neighbors, a good support experience, among others play a big role in boosting your customer’s last-mile delivery experience. 

Some of the added features that Packaly offers with our last-mile delivery service are:

  • Delivery Dashboard, Integrations, and API

  • Track and trace feature

  • Delivery at the neighbor option

  • Fixed pricing model, no hidden costs, clear and simple

  • 7 days a week operations

  • Our age verification if your product requires it

  • Damage and loss insurance

  • Professional bike fleet that ensures proper communication with your customers

  • Live support team 7 days a week with an average response time of 1 minute

  • Delivery verification through a uniquely generated code

So, start reaching your customers with Packaly’s sustainable on-demand and scheduled last-mile delivery and give them the last-mile experience they deserve.