For a Seamless Last-Mile Experience: We Updated Our Delivery Dashboard

For a Seamless Last-Mile Experience: We Updated Our Delivery Dashboard

Carl Addoumieh

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Packaly’s plug & play Delivery Dashboard is a last-mile solution interface that allows our partners to reach their local customers using our express, same-day, or next-day delivery services.

Our easy set-up Delivery Dashboard already included many features such as order overview, real-time track & trace, direct 7 days support, and a user-friendly interface. So, what are the new features in this view update?

  • Improved order status overview: You now have a complete overview of the order status, starting with the new map overview to the order ID, status, track and trace link, and pick-up and delivery time. The new overview will make it easier to manage your orders and navigate through each order.

  • Search with order ID: Problem with one specific order? We added a new search bar that will allow you to search for the order by entering its Order ID.

  • Map overview per order: With the new design, you can now have a map overview for each order before sending it on the map rather than lists, with details such as pick-up location and delivery address, parcel status, and delivery route.

  • Direct access to track and trace: The new order overview gives you direct access to the real-time track and trace to share with your client directly, allowing you and your client to know the exact delivery time.

  • Date picker to find shipments: You can now search your shipments by date, giving you insights on your orders and helping you pinpoint and track past deliveries. We also added infinite scroll on to have all your orders on one page.

The Delivery Dashboard allows you to use Packaly’s sustainable express and scheduled last-mile solution. In addition, we are constantly working on updating our technology to make to heighten the experience of our partners and their customers.

It only takes minutes to sign up, add your shops and start reaching your local customers with our plug & play Delivery Dashboard. Sign up, and start shipping sustainably with Packaly.