Consumer Trends to Watch in 2024

Consumer Trends to Watch in 2024

Tehanie Lifu

Thursday, January 5, 2023

2023 was quite a big year in regards to new and emerging consumer trends, from the rise in AI to the fall in customer feedback. For delivery businesses it is important to stay aware and on top of such trends to better your organisation. Throughout this blog we will explore some key consumer trends to look out for in 2024 and how to navigate them. 

A Fall in Customer Feedback 

In recent years, there has been a notable decline in customer feedback and this is a concerning trend to look out for. Shockingly, 66% of dissatisfied customers choose not to communicate their negative experiences, underscoring the challenges businesses face in gauging customer satisfaction. A diverse portfolio of listening tools is vital in achieving success in this dynamic landscape. The pivotal question arises: where and how are consumers expressing their feedback in the absence of direct communication? Unravelling this mystery becomes imperative for businesses seeking to adapt and enhance their customer experience strategies.

For Packaly, customer feedback is a key element of our operations. It is necessary to understand where our company needs improvement and how the delivery experience can be enhanced. As such feedback trends continue to change, the need for businesses to adapt is ever present. By utilising a mixture of tools including social media, operational data, customer surveys, and more, logistic businesses can leverage these channels to gather valuable feedback from consumers.

How to Capitalise on Digital Support in this New Era

When observing trends for 2024, one of the real head-scratchers is the support experience. It is no surprise that digital support can often be the weakest link in the customer journey. Customers are increasingly becoming wary of AI tools and would prefer the helping and familiar hand of a human. 

Transitioning from a purchase to resolving an issue online can result in a breakdown of satisfaction, with a remarkable 22% decline compared to the initial buying process. However, for businesses that successfully navigate the complexities of digital support, the dividends are substantial. It is believed that as organisations enhance accuracy and effectiveness of the digital experience, the consumers' appetite should also rise

Customer Support Will Continue to Win Every Time 

In 2024, customer support will emerge as a pivotal trend, garnering heightened attention due to its impact on the overall customer experience. The recognition of customer service as a backbone stems from its ability to shape lasting impressions. A great customer experience needs to start with a focus on frontline employees. This area of the delivery process is where people have strong emotions, and often where the long lasting impressions are made. The strategic significance of prioritising the well-being and effectiveness of customer support specialists is crucial as their pivotal touch points can either solidify customer loyalty or, if mishandled, leave lasting negative imprints. 

Businesses are increasingly recognising the correlation between exceptional customer support, positive customer experiences, and sustained brand loyalty, making it a key trend in the ongoing pursuit of heightened customer satisfaction. Here at Packaly we take our customer support seriously and put a lot of focus on it.

AI as an Emerging Trend: Where does it fit in? 

The current wave of AI humanisation involves a profound understanding and reflection of individual identities and emotional states. In a notable shift, chatbots and virtual assistants now extend beyond the role of information providers, offering emotional support and personalised interactions, as highlighted by Inspire X’s Medium article in 2023. This transformative trend opens up fresh opportunities for brands and companies to cultivate deeper and more enduring connections with consumers. 

The integration of human-like AI into customer interactions has the potential to elevate brand loyalty and customer satisfaction by keenly recognising and addressing individual needs and preferences. This, in turn, can contribute to increased sales, enabling companies to navigate economic downturns and gain a competitive edge in the market. Beyond immediate business implications, the evolution of such AI technologies may reshape social dynamics, creating novel forms of interaction and potentially redefining the longstanding relationship between humans and technology in the long term.


2024 will be an interesting year in the way of consumer trends. Navigating this era demands strategic use and understanding of new tools. From the continued growth of AI to the lack of consumer feedback, to how to capitalise on digital and customer support, adapting to these trends is essential for businesses aiming to thrive in the evolving consumer landscape.