6 Ways to Boost Your Omni-Channel Strategy With Retail

6 Ways to Boost Your Omni-Channel Strategy With Retail

Carl Addoumieh

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Omnichannel retail strategy is a retail and marketing approach that aims to unify your customer’s experience across all of your brand’s touchpoints, both online and offline.

A moderate increase in customer experience generates an average revenue increase of 33% over three years. So, how can an omnichannel retail strategy boost your sales?

Digital and physical stores for a better omnichannel strategy

With the rapid growth of eCommerce, many started predicting the end of the traditional brick-and-mortar stores. But this isn’t the case; brick-and-mortar stores and eCommerce websites started complimenting each other. 

78% of physical stores purchases are preceded by at least one visit to the eCommerce website. Therefore, making sure you integrate your omnichannel experience across different communication points is essential to boost your sales. It is as simple as if the customers like your website experience. Chances are they will visit your store, and vice versa.

Omnichannel ship from store approach

Using a well-integrated omnichannel retail strategy across platforms and stores will help you boost your sales through a complementary ship from store approach. By shipping from store, you can reach your local customers faster, save on warehousing costs, and personalize your customer experience.

Read our guide on ship from store, and start shipping directly from store to door with Packaly.

Unified data from all omnichannel pipelines

Having integrated omnichannel touchpoints with customers makes it easier for you to collect data that you need to make your shopping experience better. For example, you can learn your customers’ location, language, and other preferences and use them later on to improve your customer experience.

Collecting data will not only help you understand your customers better but will also allow you to realize the results of different approaches and strategies you are trying to implement, such as a new call to action, marketing campaigns, communication channels, etc..

Personalized promotions across platforms

By analyzing your data, you will be able to pinpoint bottlenecks or difficulties specific to a shopper with knowledge about them in hand—whether they are trends based on repetitive purchases, ways they try to save, or just spontaneous purchases. But what good is all this data if not being used?

According to Ayden, 42% of customers prefer retailers who remember their shopping behavior and preferences. So, try to use the collected data to personalize your customers’ experience.

Local stores inventory on eCommerce websites

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a bond between customers and retailers to form. During the crisis, 71% of shoppers said they would shop at local stores, opening space for local inner-city shipping alternatives such as ship from store over the traditional methods of warehouse fulfillment.

Therefore, allowing your customers to know what you have in your local store inventory is vital for the success of your local sales and ship from store approach. To build on this trend, make sure to use the right inventory management software and integrate them accordingly to all omnichannel touchpoints.

Boosted customer experience with an omnichannel last-mile experience

6 out of 10 customers will buy more often from a company that offers fast and reliable delivery options, and 8 out of 10 say that sustainability is vital when choosing a delivery option. So, how can you boost your omnichannel sales through a sustainable last-mile experience?

Packaly is a CO2-neutral last-mile delivery provider that offers fast and reliable delivery. With our express,same-day, or next-day delivery options, you will be able to target the 55% of customers who say having more than one option for getting their purchases delivered boosts shopping chances.

On top of sustainability and speed, our plug & play Delivery Dashboard provides you with a unified interface for different touchpoints. It can be easily connected to different technologies that fit your omnichannel strategy.