6 Ways For A More Sustainable Packaging

6 Ways For A More Sustainable Packaging

Carl Addoumieh

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Packaging is often the most wasteful aspect of a product. But it doesn’t have to be. There are many ways to make your packaging more sustainable and eco-friendly while maintaining its integrity and functionality. In this blog post, we’ll explore some different ways to make your packaging more sustainable.

Reduce the amount of material used in packaging

Minimalism is not only trendy but also sustainable. When designing your packaging, remember that less material means less leftover when the customer unpacks your product. Less material also means less spacing for your delivery and fewer emissions.

You can also ship fully sustainably with Packaly’s CO2-neutral last-mile delivery!

Use biodegradable materials for packaging

Packaging is a major environmental concern. It’s estimated that 40% of the world’s plastic production goes towards packaging, more than any other product. Packaging can be made with non-biodegradable materials, which means it never entirely biodegrades and has the potential to cause harm to wildlife or end up in our water supply.

The best way to avoid this problem is by using biodegradable materials for packaging your products. Try switching to paper bags instead of plastic bags, or use biodegradable materials from natural sources. If it is difficult for you to attain because of the cost or type of product, try using recycled materials instead.

Consider the sustainability of your last-mile

A World Economic Forum (WEF) study in 2020 found that emissions from last-mile delivery traffic would go 32% higher and cause 21% more congestion in the cities. So, it is essential that you realize the effect of your packaging on your transportation and its emissions. 

Smaller packaging means more space for your transportation. You can also aim to ship fully sustainably with companies such as Packaly.

Read our guide on how to make your last mile more sustainable.

Use less fuel and oil products in your packaging

Black gold as it is known, oil was an essential of the massive economic and industrial the world has seen in the past century. However, as studies started showing, oil extraction and oil products have a very harmful impact on the environment. So, try to limit your oil products use, such as plastic, foam insulation, and machines that are oil-based or run on oil.

You should also watch the oil used in your transportation and delivery. At Packaly, we only ship CO2-neutral using our 1200+ bicycle courier fleets.

Create a recycling program for your company

What if you could reduce your company’s carbon footprint and save money at the same time? Recycling is a smart strategy for companies who want to do their part in preserving the environment.

There are many products in packaging that your employees use daily that can be recycled. Get in touch with a few recycling companies in your area and find different ways to recycle your products, and build a recycling program for your company.

This will help you save money and allow you to show off your green company goals, and make customers feel like they are part of the process.

Include instructions on how to recycle your packaging

It’s not only important that your packaging is sustainable and recyclable. But it’s also essential to ensure the customer knows how they can recycle them, ensuring you’re making all efforts to make a recyclable and reusable product go toward waste instead!

A great idea would be adding stickers or instructions on your box telling customers how to recycle your products or different applications on how to reusable. If you’re shipping from store, maybe add specific details on local recycling centers in the area for your local customers to take part in creating a green impact.