6 Ways to Make Your E-Commerce Business Stand Out on Social Media

6 Ways to Make Your E-Commerce Business Stand Out on Social Media

Carl Addoumieh

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Good social media management and brand integrations across all platforms your eCommerce business uses to reach your customers is essential to creating a perfect omnichannel strategy. However, with the growing competition on social media, standing out can be rather challenging.

Here are six ways to make your eCommerce business store stand out on social media:

Research and understand your market

Before launching or repositioning your online store, you need to understand your own business and the market you work with. Start by doing simple research and analysis based on the data available at hand. Some simple, low-cost methods can be SWOT-TWOS, PESTLE, Porter’s 5, among others.

Once you understand your market better, you can go ahead and create your digital consumer personas. These are similar to your company persona but with relatively few changes. You need to put down new effective messaging for online conversions, but more importantly, you need to find the right channel to target them through. This leads us to our second tip, finding the proper channels.

Find the right channels

Putting things online is easy, but unlike billboards on a jammed highway, there are no one social media to target all segments. Therefore, you need to understand not only your product but your target too.

Imagine promoting an elderly living facility with TikTok dances. They just don’t match. You must understand the different channels and their audience for your target market and capitalize on them.

Maintain your brand identity across all channels

Consistent brand identity and strategy across your digital channels could boost your revenue by an average of 23%. Yet, only 25% of companies have formal brand guidelines. By exposing your customer to consistent brand identity, you will create a seamless journey and build familiarity and trust. Consistent brand identity also helps you:

  • Create integrated marketing campaigns across channels

  • Automate tasks

  • Grow your loyal customer base

  • Establish a recognizable brand in the market

  • Have a more considerable competitive advantage

Read our article on essential steps for a successful omnichannel strategy to learn more about maintaining your brand across channels.

Collect content & user behavior data

Most social media platforms have an in-built easy-to-use analytics software that shows you essential information about your content’s performance and your users’ behavior. Use this data to look at how your content on social media performs, what performs best, what performs worse, and times your users are most active by looking at a bigger number of views, impressions, and engagement.

It is vital for you to collect this information as you must base your entire marketing strategy on such information. This brings us to the 5th tip.

Create a social media marketing strategy

Based on the data you just collected and the market research you have done in ways 1 and 4, you should start organizing your content into a well-shaped strategy that aligns with your omnichannel strategy. There are some fundamental steps you need to take, but you still need to add your own business’s touch to these steps.

  1. Understand which content is performing best (or worst) and why

  2. Monitor your competition and learn what’s working in their approach

  3. Build a hashtag and keyword lists

  4. Build a content calendar based on the best posting time from step 4

  5. Run A/B testing with your posts (cross platforms, different messages, etc..)

  6. Set key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals you aim to reach

  7. Go back to step 1

Stay relevant offline

Having a visible online presence is not enough for your eCommerce business to succeed. You need to make sure you maintain your brand identity and omnichannel experience offline. To do so, you need to look at your offline locations and partners. 

For example, you can stay highly relevant online by offering a premium offline complimentary service. By offering reliable last-mile delivery, you will be able to gain a noticeable competitive advantage in the market.

Even though 59% of consumers say that they buy more frequently from retailers that offer fast, easy, and transparent delivery during the pandemic, countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, and the UK have scored -13, -13, 0, on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) for delivery service. 

Start offering your customers a sustainable, express and scheduled delivery service to boost customer loyalty and your online and offline presence with Packaly’s sustainable last-mile. Sign up to Packaly’s Delivery Dashboard and starts shipping now.

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