How Samsung adjusted their service centers to customer centric solutions

In today's fast-paced world, customer expectations for seamless and convenient services have reached new heights. Companies across various industries are constantly seeking innovative solutions to meet these demands. Samsung, a global leader in electronics, recognized the need to elevate its customer service game, particularly in the realm of repair and support. To address this challenge, Samsung turned to Packaly's on-demand delivery platform, ushering in a remarkable transformation in how they handle device repairs and customer interactions.

Used services

Ship-from-Store, Returns

Active Countries

Netherlands, Belgium



Over the past two years, Samsung embarked on a transformative journey in collaboration with Packaly, aimed at redefining customer service across key cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, and Antwerpen. The initial challenge for Samsung lay in the inefficiency of their repair services, often leaving customers stranded with device issues and lengthy repair times.

Problem Statement:

Samsung, like many electronics companies, grappled with the cumbersome process of in-person service center visits for device repairs. This not only inconvenienced customers but also prolonged the repair turnaround time, creating dissatisfaction among their user base. The need for a solution to bridge this gap became apparent.

The Solution:

Enter Packaly—a game-changer in the on-demand delivery sector. Samsung leveraged Packaly's platform to introduce a revolutionary concept: doorstep device pickup and return for repair purposes. This innovative move significantly reduced downtime for customers and streamlined the repair process.

Implementation and Expansion:

The implementation phase was meticulous and comprehensive. Samsung and Packaly meticulously integrated their systems, ensuring a seamless customer experience. With an expanded courier network, swift pickups, and optimized repair workflows, the collaboration took root successfully in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, and Antwerpen.

Measuring Success:

Success was measured through critical performance indicators. Notably, the rise in customer satisfaction was palpable, thanks to the convenience and speed of the repair process. The introduction of same-day repairs drastically cut down repair times, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and cost savings for Samsung.

Benefits and Impact:

This collaboration yielded a multitude of benefits. Samsung's customers experienced a notable enhancement in their repair journey—swift, doorstep services and faster repairs transformed their experience. Not only did it elevate customer satisfaction, but it also optimized costs for Samsung, giving them a competitive edge in the market.

Future Possibilities:

The success story in these cities opens doors to future prospects. Samsung envisions geographic expansions beyond these regions, contemplating the diversification of Packaly's platform for other services, and a continuous pursuit of innovation. Additionally, a focus on sustainability initiatives aligning with eco-friendly practices is under consideration.


Samsung's alliance with Packaly has been revolutionary, redefining the customer service landscape in the electronics industry. It's a testament to the remarkable outcomes when innovation and collaboration intertwine to meet evolving customer needs. This partnership underscores Samsung's commitment to delivering exceptional experiences, ensuring that their dedication to customer service continues to break boundaries.