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Decathlon, a global retailer that is transforming the sports industry with affordable high-quality sports gear needs to adapt to changing customer experience needs and their global environmental footprint. Decathlon operates over 2100 stores across 60 countries, making their global presence one of the top retailers in the market. With a 12.4 billion of revenue in 2022 their leadership position in sports retail pushes them to direct the market in innovative solutions.


With a fast growing retail space, staying ahead of competition is hard but also managing your operations and stores in the right way makes it an omni-channel operation that could become challenging. During COVID-19, stores had to close and sports was one of the essential elements to stay healthy. Using the stock that is located in the retail locations was an essential element to solve. How do you connect stores with stock to an omni-channel Ship-from-Store solution across all stores with a fast pace?


To facilitate a strong foundation for Decathlon, we’ve partnered up across their Dutch stores to start with Ship-from-Store operations. Across their retail locations we’ve streamlined the pick-up and packing process to use their local stock in the online process. With this strategy we have established several great achievements: 

  1. We’ve reduced the delivery timeframe, boosting same-day to their customers without major price increases and major investments. We are able to fulfill and deliver a parcel same-day even if you ordered around 14:00 in the afternoon. 

  2. By integrating the Packaly platform in the checkout, we were able to offer multiple options in the checkout to test pricing and clickable action results. This resulted in Decathlon taking the right strategy forward. 

  3. Bug one of the biggest achievements together is the reduction in CO2 emissions. Reducing the parcel emissions from 140 grams CO2eq average to 0.07 grams CO2eq is a major milestone in the future development of Decathlon’s milestone to net-zero.


The partnership between Decathlon and Packaly in their Dutch stores has yielded significant results in enhancing their operations and customer experience:

  1. Implementing Ship-from-Store operations has streamlined the pick-up and packing process across Decathlon's retail locations, utilizing local stock for online orders.

  2. Through this strategy, Decathlon has successfully reduced delivery timeframes, offering same-day delivery to customers without significant price increases or investments. Orders placed as late as 14:00 in the afternoon can still be fulfilled and delivered on the same day.

  3. Integration of the Packaly platform into the checkout process has enabled Decathlon to offer multiple delivery options, facilitating pricing tests and clickable action results, aiding in strategic decision-making.

  4. One of the most notable achievements is the significant reduction in CO2 emissions per parcel, from an average of 140 grams CO2eq to just 0.07 grams CO2eq. This milestone aligns with Decathlon's commitment to achieving net-zero emissions in the future.


In conclusion, the partnership between Decathlon and Packaly in implementing Ship-from-Store operations across their Dutch stores has resulted in tangible improvements in operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and environmental sustainability. By streamlining processes, reducing delivery timeframes, enhancing the checkout experience, and notably, significantly lowering CO2 emissions per parcel, Decathlon has taken significant strides towards achieving its goals of providing excellent service while minimizing its carbon footprint. This collaboration serves as a testament to the power of innovative partnerships in driving positive change within the retail industry.