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In an era marked by growing environmental concerns and heightened customer expectations, companies are seeking innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint while providing exceptional service. Blokker, a leading Dutch retail chain, embarked on a remarkable journey of transformation by connecting their retail locations to Packaly's on-demand delivery platform. This case study delves into how this partnership revolutionized local retail by leveraging the power of local stock and sustainable delivery options, ultimately creating a win-win scenario for Blokker and the environment.


Blokker found the solution to their challenges in Packaly's on-demand delivery platform. This transformative partnership enabled Blokker to use their local stock in physical stores as products to be shipped to customers locally. Here's how the collaboration worked:

  1. By connecting their retail locations to Packaly's platform, Blokker unlocked the potential of their local stock. This meant that customers could now order products from their nearest Blokker store and have them delivered swiftly.

  2. One of the standout features of Packaly's platform was its sustainability focus. By utilizing Packaly's delivery network, Blokker managed to reduce the environmental impact of each parcel significantly. Parcels that previously contributed 150 grams of CO2eq now only had an impact of 0.07 grams of CO2eq, aligning with Blokker's commitment to sustainability.

  3. Blokker adopted Packaly's ship-from-store same-day and next-day delivery feature, allowing them to offer customers the convenience of rapid delivery without the need for large centralised warehouses. With a cut-off time until 15:00, Blokker ensured that customers could place orders and receive them on the same day.


The implementation of Packaly's platform in Blokker's retail network involved several key steps:

  1. Packaly seamlessly integrated with Blokker's in-store systems, allowing for efficient order processing and inventory management.

  2. To meet the demands of delivering products from multiple retail stores per city, Packaly expanded its courier network, ensuring swift and reliable service across more than 50 cities.

  3. Blokker and Packaly worked together to calculate the significant reduction in CO2eq emissions achieved by using Packaly's green delivery network, highlighting the environmental impact of their sustainable approach.


The partnership between Blokker and Packaly delivered numerous benefits and had a significant impact:

  1. Blokker's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint was not just a PR move; it was a tangible reality. The drastic reduction in CO2eq emissions per parcel showcased their dedication to environmental stewardship.

  2. By offering same-day and next-day delivery options, Blokker catered to the ever-evolving needs of modern customers. The ability to order from local stores reinforced their connection to the community.

  3. By leveraging their existing retail stores as distribution centers, Blokker achieved substantial cost savings, making their business model more efficient.

  4. Blokker gained a competitive edge by providing customers with sustainable, same-day delivery options, setting them apart from other retailers.

The success of Blokker's collaboration with Packaly opens up a world of future possibilities:

  1. Blokker can continue to explore additional ways to reduce their environmental impact, such as investing in renewable energy, eco-friendly packaging, and responsible waste management.

  2. The positive results in over 50 cities demonstrate the potential for further geographic expansion, both within and beyond the Netherlands.

  3. Blokker could extend their partnership with Packaly to offer delivery services for a broader range of products, including items beyond their traditional retail offerings.

  4. Blokker can further engage with local communities by actively promoting their sustainable delivery practices and emphasizing their commitment to supporting local businesses.


Blokker's collaboration with Packaly's on-demand delivery platform is a shining example of how a traditional retailer can reinvent itself by embracing innovation and sustainability. By leveraging the power of local stock and sustainable delivery, Blokker not only met customer expectations for fast and convenient delivery but also significantly reduced its carbon footprint.

This partnership underscores the importance of adaptability and customer-centricity in today's retail landscape. Blokker's commitment to sustainability, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction positions them as a forward-thinking leader in the industry.

As Blokker continues to explore new horizons and expand its footprint, one thing remains clear: their commitment to delivering exceptional service while minimizing their environmental impact is a blueprint for success in the ever-evolving world of retail. The future is bright for Blokker, Packaly, and the communities they serve.