4 Grootste e-commerce-uitdagingen in 2022 en hoe ze te overwinnen

4 Grootste e-commerce-uitdagingen in 2022 en hoe ze te overwinnen

Carl Addoumieh

donderdag 9 december 2021

In 2020, more than 2 billion people bought something from an eCommerce store and revenue surpassed 4.2 trillion USD. With fast growth, eCommerce websites are facing unprecedented challenges initiated by several factors. Our team put together a list of the 4 biggest challenges your eCommerce business will face in 2022.

Uncertain eCommerce future

The eCommerce revenue is expected to grow to 5.4 trillion USD by 2022. A 28.5% market revenue growth is good for eCommerce businesses. However, there is a downside to this growth. External factors such as the pandemic fueled this growth, while the international logistics and chip industry limited the growth and caused customer dissatisfaction. So, how can you prepare your eCommerce business?


There are different ways to approach this uncertainty, but what every business would agree on is that you need to stand out from the crowd. Use this growth to establish your brand, grow your market share, and maintain a good customer experience. 

You can also look into your local market to combat the international logistics issues. Packaly’s CO2-neutral last-mile service helps your eCommerce business to stand out in the market by meeting customer demands such as sustainability, speed, convenience, and customer satisfaction.


With the fast growth of the eCommerce market, a new market is trying to catch up. The eCommerce industry is mostly virtual and needs the technology to support the customers’ expectations and challenges. Many businesses could fail for things such as wrong tools or technology. 

Read our comparative article about Wix and Shopify’s eCommerce services.


Most tools offer demos and have extensive reviews online. Map out your customer journey and learn where software is needed and what for, figure out the dos and donts and search for a tool that meets your eCommerce needs.

At Packaly, we are highly tech-driven. We offer our partners the technology they need to optimize their last mile with our easy-to-use Delivery Dashboardseveral integrations, and APIs.

Growing eCommerce competition

More businesses than ever are establishing and investing in online presence, and even though the market is growing, competition is growing faster. It’s not only the number of competitors in the marketplace but also the bigger investments that companies are putting in their eCommerce websites. Add the ever-changing trends, and staying relevant could be challenging.


To get customers to choose you over your competitors, it’s important that they feel welcomed and valued customers from the start. You need to constantly improve what’s offered in order for people to be more willing than ever before. Focus on improving your offer, marketing assets, and improving your level of personalization and generalization.

Use your data to create a personalized experience, and keep up with the market trends by offering your customer a sustainable and convenient last-mile delivery.

With Packaly’s 100% CO2-neutral expresssame-day, and next-day delivery services, you can keep up with the market trends by offering the last mile your customer deserves.

Challenging customer expectations

Shoppers have become savvier than ever before which means that you can no longer take their tastes lightly; what was once reasonable will not suffice in today’s competitive marketplace like before.

As the competition grows more offers and services are taken for granted by the customers. Customers expect your eCommerce business to meet specific criteria such as:

  • User-friendly website

  • Different payment methods

  • A personalized shipping experience

  • Good customer service

  • Fast and convenient shipping

  • Sustainable business model


With Packaly’s fully sustainable express, same-day, and next-day delivery, you can offer your customers the experience they deserve offline while meeting the market trends and getting the competitive market advantage for your business.