How KECK & LISA delivers to their customer CO2-neutral

Over 20 years ago, Arjen ten Pas noticed the untapped market of exclusive products that are just as practical and useful as they are enjoyable. With the visionary dream to serve this need, KECK & LISA was founded in 1997 in Utrecht.

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A short piece of history

Over 20 years ago, Arjen ten Pas noticed the untapped market of exclusive products that are just as practical and useful as they are enjoyable. With the visionary dream to serve this need, KECK & LISA was founded in 1997 in Utrecht.

Shortly after, Esther Sant started as an intern. After over ten years of working at KECK & LISA with pleasure, she and Tim Jongerius took over the business. Nowadays, KECK & LISA sells over 150 brands, including big players like Dopper and Skandinavisk.

They also launched their own brand, amongst which they sell products such as garlands, baby gifts, and Utrecht-related souvenirs. They are always on the lookout for new brands and products to include in their collection, making sure the product range never gets old.


Several years later, KECK & LISA took over a partnered in-home store, and so KECK & LISA Wonen was born, another beautiful store in the city heart of Utrecht. The idea behind this sister brand was to offer customers a store aimed explicitly at outstanding home items, for inside and outside your house, while not losing the synergy with KECK & LISA.

The Scandinavian influence is widely present within the store: products are created according to this minimalistic design, and the representation of brands includes famous Scandinavian ones like Marimekko, Normann Copenhagen, and Hay.

KECK & LISA Wonen is not only about selling products; they are glad to help you with custom-made curtains and pillows, and if you are seeking some interior advice, you are always welcome to walk in. With all this, it is fair to say that the total offer of products and services at KECK & LISA is unique and highly varied, but most of all: really colorful.

Happy stores, happy customers

When strolling past the shop windows of KECK & LISA, one can not deny catching a glimpse of what’s inside. To put it simply: it is outstanding. You can notice the colors and variety of products from a distance, and it attracts all sorts of customers.

The majority of their customers are female, but due to the diverse product range combined with the centrally situated stores, the customers are not limited to one market segment. In fact, as well locals as day-trippers as tourists belong to the daily basis of visitors.

KECK & LISA sells something for everyone. From beautiful tea mugs for your grandmother to a personalized present for your aunt’s newborn son, and what about the original ‘Domplankje’? It serves as an ideal gift or a personal souvenir!

Employees are happy with this broad scale of customers. They notice that the cheerful atmosphere of the store puts a smile on the visitor’s face, which in return makes the work environment very pleasant. That is really valuable to KECK & LISA; customers are the central focus of their day-to-day operations.

“We are a service store, so contact with our customers is very important to us. We try to say hi to everyone entering our store”, says store-owner Esther. Answering their customers’ questions and assisting them during their entire customer journey is crucial to her. She emphasizes the webshop, where the ways of customer support are endless: from phone calls, online forms, and emails to WhatsApp messages and online chat.

Keck & Lisa's local experience

Even though many brands and products come from international markets, local support is more than present in the KECK & LISA stores. Besides the previously mentioned ‘Domplankje,’ their local product range contains, amongst others, fresh apple juice of Utrecht-based fruit producers, hand-crafted mugs from BAM Keramiek, and colorful socks with a visualized Domtoren by Lucas van Harpert.

All products emit the culture of Utrecht in their way and therefore contribute to the core concept of originality that KECK & LISA embraces.

Packaly's sustainable last-mile solutions

And here’s where Packaly jumps in: we contribute to originality and quality in our own unique way. With our CO2-neutral delivery service, we ensure the environment of Utrecht (and other cities) remains untouched. In this way, we enhance the customer experience of those whose aim is to shop consciously and locally.

KECK & LISA notices the added value of Packaly to their business: the delivery service is used a lot via their online store. With the options to have your parcel delivered by bike in one hour, the same evening or the day after, the speed of delivery is no issue anymore.

Customers who live a busy lifestyle, but are looking for a last-minute and original present, are precisely the type of customers who benefit from Packaly’s service. Furthermore, Packaly makes it possible for KECK & LISA to compete immediately with big brands in Utrecht because now they can also offer their customers an express delivery service.

Not only are the customers happy with Packaly’s service: municipalities like Utrecht work towards reducing CO2 emission for a while now.

KECK & LISA and KECK & LISA Wonen is within the city center of Utrecht. Transportation buses within these streets are a point of frustration for municipalities and store owners, and inhabitants. The transportation buses create many traffic jams, buzz, and block roads for the shopping people.

How do last-mile solutions work?

All these inconveniences will simply be gone with the implementation of Packaly. But how does delivery with Packaly work?

Whenever a customer orders online and chooses a Packaly delivery, only possible within a specific radius of the actual store or hub location, KECK & LISA receives a notification within their cashier system containing order details.

Afterward, KECK & LISA employees prepare and package your parcel. Whenever the order is ready for shipment, KECK & LISA registers the order at the Packaly plug & play delivery dashboard. Packaly can push this through to the riders and keep track of a favorable outcome of every delivery.

Find out how you can improve your customer experience with Packaly’s sustainable express and same-day delivery service. Get in touch with one of our highly trained team members and learn more!